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We're both avid 'Frasier' and David Hyde Pierce fans ... and 'Frasier' rounds out Nora's top three picks for best show ever ...
'I Love Lucy' begat many innovations and set the pace for 90% of sit-com history;
'M*A*S*H' pushed the envelope in many ways, including psychological examination of character motive as a viable plot source;
'Frasier' has tuned its predecessors' strategies to a fine art and raised the bar of intelligence on TV, rather than play to the lowest common denominator.


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David as Dr. Doppler (Treasure Planet)
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When TV Shows Collide: Frasier/Hercules
Read Nora's report on the final filming of the ninth season, 03/26/02, episode #212: "The Love You Fake."

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